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PENDLE TWEED - 1815 to 2015.

Benjamin Thornber and Sons (1815)

Pendle Tweed - The Throstle Bank Mill Collection.

The history of the textile industry in Lancashire dates back many centuries. The origins and inspiration for Pendle Tweed has been traced back to the late sixteenth century to the Whittle family and the Devices family, known together as ' The Pendle Witches'

In Rachel A.C. Hasted's book 'The Pendle Witch-Trial 1612', it is stated that 'these poverty stricken families eked out their existence by labouring for others, by carding and spinning wool for the local weavers, by begging, poaching and theft'.

Creative techniques in spinning the fleeces from Cheviot sheep and Hogs, and multi mixture spangle blended yarns reflect the colours of the natural Pendle landscape. The wool is spun into Yorkshire yarns, and woven by skilled weavers in the West Riding. The Tweed cloth is then finished in crystal clear Pennine spring water in Huddersfield.  It is these processes that have combined to create a beguiling and mystical cloth that is exceptionally soft, with a kinder, more luxurious handle than traditional Yorkshire Tweeds.

Pendle Tweed has provenance and heritage dating back over four hundred years, to the textile craftsmen of the day.

The Tweeds are innovative, beautiful in design and colour with an outstanding soft handle, yet robust, making them perfect for both the apparel and interiors market.

Pendle Tweed is exclusive to Benjamin Thornber and Sons, it is a British textile created by textile master craftsmen.

A magnificent Tweed cloth, using wool from British sheep, shorn, carded, spun, woven and finished in The United Kingdom.

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