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Benjamin Thornber began the Thornber family textile dynasty, from his farm in Rimington. It is in recognition of this humble beginning that ‘1815’ was incorporated into the company coat of arms. From hand loom weaving on the family farm as an aspirational teenager, Benjamin followed his destiny and took the first step towards industrialisation by making the journey over Pendle Hill  and ‘renting power’ for his looms in a large weaving facility.

Here ambitious souls could pay for the privilege of using the Factories steam power by harnessing the driven shafts that traversed the factory for running their own machines via a leather belt linking power to loom, in the Lancashire mill town of Burnley. As the orders grew and Benjamin’s business flourished, the need for his very own mill and steam engine resulted in the purchase of Throstle Bank Mill in Burnley. Benjamin’s grandson James relocated his weaving business back over Pendle Hill in 1906 to Holmes Mill, Clitheroe, in the heart of the beautiful Ribble Valley.

The business now resides a stone’s throw away from Holmes Mill at Deanfield Works, where beautiful UK woven fabrics are designed and distributed to discerning customers worldwide.

The weaving expertise has been passed down through the generations from Benjamin Thornber, to James, William, James, Stephen, Andrew and the most recent family member to join Benjamin Thornber and Sons, is Samuel.

Great, great, great, great ancestors who have all contributed their skill and craft to create a great and innovative textile company, as well as wonderful interior and apparel textile cloths.

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